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    Spreadsheet appearance changing on opening (Excel 97 SR2)

    Hi everyone

    We have several users who access the same spreadsheets and have no problem, but one user when she opens a spreadsheet the column width has altered to make it smaller so she has the hash symbols. As well as this happening the font has changed in some places from Times New Roman to Arial!!. If anyone can help then it would be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Spreadsheet appearance changing on opening (Excel 97 SR2)

    Does the column width actually change (the number in the Format/Column/Width), or do you just get the ####s and assume that the width changed? The symptoms you describe could be caused by several things, but in these cases the actual column width would not have changed.

    1- The fonts used on the spreadsheet are not installed or are corrupted on the PC.

    2- The screen resolution is different.

    3- The display driver is corrupted or needs to be updated to a newer version.

    4- The print driver for the default printer may be corrupted or need a newer version.
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