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    WOPR2003 (Word 2003)

    I didn't get much response from the board on my first try, so I'll give it another go. I know this is an elemental question, but here goes:
    I have had several computer crashes. I am running Windows XP and downloaded WOPR2003 from WOPR website. After my last crash, I could not get WOPR to work in Word. I can't find the WOPR2003.exe file. I guess my question is, how do I get WOPR back working? Where do I put it in the Office 11 suite of things. Hans sent me a note saying that WOPR is no longer supported on the site. If that is the case, then where can I go to get some help. I just shelled out $30 U.S. for the program, and now can't run it.

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    Re: WOPR2003 (Word 2003)

    I do apologize for this, but unfortunately there is no support for WOPR any more.

    Re-posting the same question doesn't change the situation, I'm afraid. This thread is locked to prevent further duplication.

    If anyone wants to reply, please do so in the thread starting at <post:=684,411>post 684,411</post:>.

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