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    Spark=dead laptop

    USB connections are supposed to be plug-n-play, right? Well, picture this. Tonight I tried to plug my HP Personal Media Drive (external hard drive) into my laptop. As the USB cable touched the USB port, a hot spark flew and the laptop immediately went dead. Anybody else had such an experience? Is there any hope for my laptop?

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    Re: Spark=dead laptop

    Yes, No and No

    I have never had, or heard, of this type experience. In fact, there may be hope for your laptop, but given the circumstances you mentioned it will probably be costly. An open-the-computer-and-investigate diagnosis will be time consuming (expensive) and since this is done rarely these days the alternative of replacing the planar or system board is also expensive. Personally, if I could not find out exactly what happened in a spark and die situation I would not repair the machine since various components may have been stressed beyond their designed limits and may fail in the future. You might check with a repair shop and get an estimate of possible repair costs.


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