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Thread: new motherboard

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    new motherboard

    I need some help in picking out a new motherboard, as my old one is toast. I have a Gateway 500S desktop, in a Pinta Desktop Mid-Tower case. I need to replace the failed motherboard (Intel (Midway) Pentium 4 Motherboard No CPU R0 [Part #2519040]). I'd like to replace with a mid-range dual-core CPU and 2 gigs memory. I would like to retain and use my video card (NVIDIA NV34 (Monza) Graphics Card), sound card (Sound Blaster Audigy Audio with IEEE 1394 Sound Card), hard drives, etc. Probably should replace power supply (160 Watt Power suppy Lite-On R0). What do I look for in selecting a new card? Any recommended brands?


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    Re: new motherboard

    Directron Company has some very good links to not only purchasing various hardware but has an entire page with links on "How to choose" many different types of hardware including motherboards.
    It's a good source of information.
    Check it out at: CHOOSE

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