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    Media Computer

    I'm looking at options available to include my computer in my Home Entertainment System...
    I'd like to have the following capabilities:
    1. Receive/Browse Television Channels (signal from Cable Box to CPU)
    2. View said channels on my HDTV (signal from CPU to HDTV)
    3. Listen to said channels on my Surround Sound system
    4. Pause / Record said channels on CPU

    Obviously I'll have to purchase a new video card w/ a HD output on it - the only output I've found so far though is DVI - which is limiting in that it won't transfer sound.
    Preferrably I'd like to have the signal sent from the CPU to HDTV via HDMI - so I don't have to also upgrade my sound card to 5.1(+) capable and run separate cables.
    So there's really three questions here:
    1. Does anyone know of a TV Tuner w/ software that will support/control Cable Box functionality? (i.e. Allow me to change the channels on my digital cable box w/ the click of the mouse)
    2. Does anyone know of a Video Card that supports HDMI (I'm assuming this would involve a Jumper the sound card)
    3. If not - could anyone recommend a Sound Card that has the 5.1 surround outputs that would work best for my situation?

    I've seen the HDTV Tuners, which is a separate system from your cable box, but I haven't found one that allows you to decode the Encrypted Cable Box signal and will work for my situation...
    My ideal getup would allow the following:
    Watching TV late one night, surfing through the channels (the normal way w/ the remote) and stumble across my favorite A-Team rerun... I look at the clock and realise that it's 3AM (the only feasible time for A-Team reruns) and I really should be getting to bed... I jump up and pull up my software for recording TV program... The software (being very modern) already knows what channel I'm on (because it's the middle man for my late night tv watching) and is ready to record. The next afternoon, when I wake up, I run over to the computer and hit the play button to start where I left off (just in time to see Face getting beat up!).
    Thoughts? Recommendations?
    Pardon the rambling, I'm generally not up this late!

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    Re: Media Computer


    1-2. For instance, MyHD MDP-130 PCI HDTV Tuner/Decoder Card with QAM


    1. ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo PCI Express®
    2. ATI Radeon™ Video Card

    Both HDTV tuners will receive only un-encrypted HDTV cable channels. If your HDTV cable channels are encrypted, you need an additional cable box. Contact your cable company for more information.

    3. For instance, Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro;product=14064

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