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    Word - different view of opening a document? (Word 2003)

    When I open a Word document, it usually starts the cursor at the appropriate margins down from the top and over from the left.

    However, sometimes when I open a Word document, the cursor for typing is all the way at the top of the page and only the left margin is indented. And when I type all the way past the first page, the second page puts a line, and then keeps right on typing. (It is working correctly now, so I can not show you an example.)

    Yet, when it opens the document this new way, and I look at the Print Preview it always shows the margins correctly. I donít like the new way and want my documents to always open the way that I show above. Is there a setting or something that gets changed or is it a newer version of Word?

    I have seen this happen both here at work and at my home computer. Thank you for any help that you can give me.

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    Re: Word - different view of opening a document? (Word 2003)

    This is a very common issue.

    Move the cursor to the very top or bottom of a page, till it changes shape and has a tooltip that says "Show white space", then click the left mouse button.
    Alternatively check the box at Tools > Options > View > "White space between pages"

    See for some screen shots showing these options.


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