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    Vanishing ampersand (Word 97 SR2)

    One of our users wants to include an ampersand (&) in a dropdown field in a Word form, e.g. "Brown & White LLP." It disappears or is replaced by an underscore. I tried putting quotes around it - I get two quotes with nothing in between. I tried two ampersands - the dropdown shows one, but it doesn't get inserted into the document.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Vanishing ampersand (Word 97 SR2)

    Our firm's name also has an ampersand in the middle, and I notice randomly that this is displayed as a _, for example, on the splash screen of FileMaker Pro. I assume this is some limitation imposed deep in the bowels of Windows. In a Word form, using a double && makes the item appear correctly in the drop down list, but only while it is dropped down. Once selected, there is a space there instead. Weird.

    (A few minutes later...)

    Oh, I guess this is not news, it's just life: <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q196516</A>

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