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    Connecting a Drive letter (Windows XP)

    Could someone tell me how to assign a letter to a Drive. My daughter bought a used Laptop and it seems that the CD Rom has not been assigned any letter therefore does not recognize her CDs. Her Windows explorer only shows Drive C. Thanks.

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    Re: Connecting a Drive letter (Windows XP)

    Windows should recognize the CD-ROM drive automatically and assign it a drive letter.
    Is the CD-ROM drive removable? If so, try removing it and re-inserting it to see if it is picked up.

    Otherwise, try this:
    - Select Start | Control Panel
    - Open System (it's in the Performance and Maintenance category).
    - Activate the Hardware tab.
    - Click Device Manager.
    - Click on DVD/CD-ROM drives.
    - Select Action | Scan for hardware changes.
    If the CD-ROM drive isn't found, there is a hardware problem.

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    Re: Connecting a Drive letter (Windows XP)

    If you want to try just assigning a drive letter then you could use Disk Management.

    <UL><LI>Start > Run > diskmgmt.msc > OK
    <LI>Find your CD near the bottom of the window
    <LI>Right click and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." from the menu
    <LI>Click the Change or Add button as appropriate and select a suitable drive letter[/list]This will only work if Windows has recognised your drive, but you want a different drive letter than the default, or someone has configured it to have no drive letter.


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