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    Moving slides from powerpoint in to a video file (powerpoint 2007)

    Hi I need some advice please.

    I have got a PowerPoint presentation that has a set of 15 slides; each slide has a 4 second transition. I would like to take the 15 slides out of the presentation and make the 15 slides in to a single movie file, MPG4, AVI file, so I can play it as a standalone file. I would also like to be able to sync an mp3 to the slides, so when each slide changes I would like it to synch with the beat of the music. The mp3 I am using changes beat every so often, so I will have to change the slide transition time so it links up with the beat of the music.

    Is there any software I can use to transfer the 15 slides from PowerPoint to create a single movie file, also I would need to since the mp3 file too. Would this mean I would have to sort out the timing of the mp3 first in PowerPoint? I donít mind paying for the software.

    I have used windows movie maker but when transferring it in to a wav file it loses quality and makes the text blurry.

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    Re: Moving slides from powerpoint in to a video file (powerpoint 2007)

    See the thread starting at <post#=487166>post 487166</post#> and also Convert presentations to VHS or DVD video.

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