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    Bill Altmann

    Disable Form Fields from Word Toolbars? (Office 2000)

    I would like to selectively disable some of the form fields in my .doc using a menu option or tool.
    I can see how to do this with a macro (.formfields(i).enable=False), but I don't want to have to
    add a new toolbar selection and burden each Word file with macros. The users are always
    skittish about enabling macros these days.

    When I right-click on a field (with the form unlocked) it does not show me an option to enable or
    disable the field. I read that I can protect the entire form, but that is something different.

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    Re: Disable Form Fields from Word Toolbars? (Office 2000)

    Hi Bill,

    You can disable a field, but only if the form is protected. Perhaps you can expand on what you are using the Form Fields for and we can come up with other ideas for you.
    Cheers![ smile]

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    Bill Altmann

    Re: Disable Form Fields from Word Toolbars? (Office 2000)

    Thank you for the help.
    1. I want to use a Word document with form fields so that I can transfer information from those
    fields into an Excel spreadsheet. I have written a VBA macro in Excel to open the .doc file and
    read the fields. There are three versions of the form: in the second and third many of the fields
    maintain the information from the first version, but should not allow the user to modify those
    fields. For example: the first form is for submitting a problem report. The user enters the
    customer name, etc. The second (for updating the problem) and third (for reporting resolution
    of the problem) are very similar to the first, but I don't want to allow the user to type over fields
    like the customer name. Yet I want to use the same Excel macro to read the content of all
    the fields into the spreadsheet.

    2. The "Fill in enabled" checkbox is shown when I double-click on a field with the form
    unprotected. But the checkbox is greyed-out. How do I enable the checkbox so that I
    can enable or disable that specific field?

    I know I could make a Word macro (in VBA) to run when the form is loaded. For each
    version of the form I could make the macro enable or disable a subset of the fields.
    But this would mean maintaining macros in Word as well as in Excel, and giving the user
    the worries that their Word file contains macro code...!

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    Re: Disable Form Fields from Word Toolbars? (Office 2000)

    If, with the form unprotected, you double-click on a field, you'll get it's properties, one of which is "fill-in enabled." You can change that. As already stated, this (like other formfield features) works only when the form is protected.

    For more on forms, you may want to follow the links at <A target="_blank" HREF=> (backup - Web Resources - Forms).
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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