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    Note in Bar Chart for a Data Point (Excel 2002 SP3

    Howdy Folks!

    Since I retired a few years ago, I haven't done much with Excel; but if I recall correctly, there is a way to put a note or comment on a data point in a chart (sort of like a call out or comics bubble), and I can't remember how it's done. The situation is that in a series of data points, 2 of them are recorded as values ranging from a lower value to a higher value. Because Excel can't determine what is intended, the data must be manipulated before charting which demands an explanation. It's easy enough to do in the spreadsheet, but how does one put a note in a graph (specifically a line graph)?


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    Re: Note in Bar Chart for a Data Point (Excel 2002 SP3

    If you want to add a note to one or two data points, you can do the following:
    - Click anywhere on the chart.
    - Type some text, then press Enter (if you want more than one line, press Alt+Enter to start a new line).
    - After pressing Enter, a text box appears in the center of the chart area.
    - Drag it to where you want it.
    - Repeat as needed.

    If you want to add notes to lots of data points, place them in a column (or row, depending on the layout of the data) next to the source data for the chart.
    Use Rob Bovey's free add-in XY Chart Labeler to add data labels to the chart series.

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