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Thread: Hard Drives

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    Hard Drives

    How can I tell if a hard drive is actually being accessed?
    I have two SATA II 80-gig drives that appear to share a small light indicating when a drive is being accessed (in use). This light is constantly low-level (not bright) blinking at the same pace. This I assume indicates disk usage/access. After about every 30-40 low-level blinks I get a noticeably brighter blink, then back to the low-level blinks. During known disc access (copying, program start etc.) the light is at that noticeably bright stage.
    2007 Computer, 3.0 Mhz, XP Pro w/SP2, 2nd drive is for data back-up, primary drive is partitioned for OS (20-gig, 2/3-used) and the rest used for programs.

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    Re: Hard Drives

    You're lucky. The green light for drive activity on my Dell is barely visible! <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    One way would be to run a drive monitor app, like Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources contains. See my attachment for a few intentional acceses I did to my second SATA drive (drive 1). Keep in mind that the OS drive (drive 0 in my case) will be almost constant, so if you're looking for a snake in the wood pile, I don't know what you'd see...

    Let us know...
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