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    SQL application - Slow preformance

    We have a very strange issue that I hope someone can help with. We have a SQL application running offsite on a hosted server. All of our 60 branches have no problem connecting to and using this application over 1MB ADSL lines. Our Head Office however has a 10MB leased line with very quick connectivity to the internet except for this one application. Simply bringing up the initial login screen takes 10 mins or more. When no-one is at Head Office on a weekend the application works fine. However after hours during the week when no-one is in the building the issue remains.

    One thing we did notice is that when we replaced a faulty switch the problem disappeared but then reappeared a few days later. All other switches are working fine. Our network and internet connectivity is extremely fast. Could there be something in the firewall slowing down this app?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    Re: SQL application - Slow preformance

    As you have also posted this in General Windows, I'll lock this one to prevent duplicate and diverging threads.

    Anyone with a response, please reply to <post:=687,120>post 687,120</post:> - thanks!

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