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    Format a date (access 2003)

    Not sure if this is possible but I need to reformat the date below to a more user friendly format. I'm working with the same text file I mentioned in an earlier post. I was able to rename this file and import it into a table called siteinfo. The field is called date. Is there a way to update all the dates in the date field to this format : 09/24/2005 or 09-24-2005? P.S. Thanks for the help on the rename issue. I appreciate it....


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    Re: Format a date (access 2003)

    The information in a date field is not stored in a formatted format. Dates are formatted when you show them. So, change the default format in the table for this field, or assign specific formatting when you use this field on a form or report.
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    Re: Format a date (access 2003)

    I assume that you have specified YMD order for the relevan field when you imported the text file (by clicking Advanced...). The field will then be imported as a date/time field. As Mark Liquorman already wrote, you can set the Format property of the field; this determines how it is displayed on screen and in printouts.

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