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    page numbering (2002 SP3)

    How can I have Word automatically number the right-hand (normally odd) pages sequentially without skipping the even numbers? Students will see only the right-hand pages because the left-hand pages will be hidden (facilitator notes). If possible, I'd like to have Word number the left-hand pages sequentially also, with a prefix to indicate they are in the facilitator notes section. If Word can't do this automatically, is there a macro that could be run on the right-hand (and the left-hand) pages to accomplish this when the document is complete?

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    Re: page numbering (2002 SP3)

    You can nest the page numbering field mathematically do what you want. For instance a field in the even header might look like this

    whilst on the odd pages, you could use a page number of
    {={page}/2 + 0.5}
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: page numbering (2002 SP3)

    Select File | Page Setup.
    Activate the Layout tab.
    Tick the check box "Different odd and even".
    Click OK.
    Position the insertion point in a right-hand page.
    Select View | Header and Footer.
    Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field braces { } (don't type them yourself).
    Type =(
    Press Ctrl+F9 again.
    Type Page
    Move the insertion point to after the first closing brace }.
    Type +1)/2
    You should now see
    { =({ Page }+1)/2 }
    Press F9 to hide the field codes and update the result.
    Close the header/footer to see the result.

    Repeat for the even pages, but use something like this:
    Note page { ={ Page }/2 }
    You can change the text before the field.

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