For those of you who have not received it via the automatic update, Ad-Aware 2007 has been released (link is for the free version)

What's new:
Changes made to various parts of the scanning engine, which improves the detection and removal of malware affecting LSP and NSP, a network scanning problem has been fixed, and the malware removal at Windows startup now removes folders.

The licensing system has been redesigned to create a more streamlined registering process that prevents user errors and is less likely to be blocked by firewall software.

Introduced the MiniMessage, which is a flexible notification system allowing us to get in touch with you, our users, through the product. As an example, MiniMessage will be used to notify you when your license is about to expire. The messages will be displayed in a window that appears above the System Tray and then automatically disappears after a short period of time, in order not to be perceived as distracting.

Adds multilingual support to Ad-Aware 2007, initially French.