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    Pages and Headers (Word 2003)

    Two things that I am encountering.

    1. For some reason the first page in my document is a "page 0" , so in the status bar at the bottom, I have "Page 0 Sec 1 1/45" - This doesn't seem normal, and is confusing. How did this happen, and how can I make this documents numbering work normally. inserting a page number in the header picks up this rather than the real number...

    2. I want to have the Chapter title or similar field in the header, so if I am in the Section titled "Hunting mugwumps", then I can insert a field that says "hunting mugwumps" in the even page numbered headers, and the title of the book" "Exotic animals" in the odd page number headers... Is there a way to do that automagically, or with sufficient smoke and mirrors that it works without human intervention...

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    Re: Pages and Headers (Word 2003)

    1. Select Insert | Page Numbers...
    Click Format...
    Click "Continue from previous section".
    Click OK to close the Page Number Format dialog.
    Click Close (and *not* OK) to close the "Page Numbers" dialog.

    2. The chapter titles must be in a distinct style, for example Heading 1.
    Select File | Page Setup...
    Activate the Layout tab.
    Tick the check box "Different odd and even".
    Click OK.
    You can now set the headers and footers for odd and even pages differently.

    Position the insertion point in an odd page.
    Select View | Header and Footer...
    Press Tab, then type Exotic animals.

    Use the Next or Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar to move to the even page header.
    Press Tab, then select Insert | Field...
    Select StyleRef in the list of fields.
    Select Heading 1 or whatever style you used for the chapter titles in the list of styles.
    Click OK.

    Close the Header and Footer.

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