I have an Epson Stylus Photo R260 printer which will not recognize the "compatible" ink cartridges purchased from Abacus 24-7, a company I have been buying products from for years. A phone call to them revealed that their "compatible" cartridges for my printer and the other two models which use the same cartridge are now incompatible due to what they said was a software update from Epson. However, they are working on an updated "compatible" cartridge for these particular printers. And happily, Abacus with their notable support and business practices which I have come to enjoy and respect, told me to return those cartridges (purchased in May of last year) for a full refund with their apologies.

My question is..... is there someone who has an Epson R260 who has recently purchased "compatible" ink cartridges that work? If so, could you please share the company you purchased those cartridges from?

I've e-mailed several online companies who deal with "compatible" ink cartridges asking if their cartridges are in fact recognized by my printer, but none have responded thus far.