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    Form (Philosophy) (2007)

    I've got a fleshed out set of tables and relationships.These are normalized fairly well.

    I am working on getting my forms functional.

    1) If my tables are normalized, should I bring what I need together into a query to make setting up forms easier? Will combining fields from multiple tables into 1 query tend to eliminate the problem in the next question?

    2) If I have 3 tables in a sequence of two 1-to-many relationships, should I set up forms for each of them, and then combine them as subforms? Or should I try to let Access create everything automatically: as near as I can figure, it will only do one level of subforms.

    3) If I have a many-to-many relationship in a junction table, how should I set up forms for it? Should I let Access create a form for the junction table, or should I set up individual forms and combine them?

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    Re: Form (Philosophy) (2007)

    1) I'd use a form and subform
    2) You can create several levels of subforms, but only the deepest level can be a continuous or datasheet form.
    3) I'd use a subform for the junction table.

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