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Thread: Grisoft AVG7+

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    Grisoft AVG7+

    I inadvertently installed the TRIAL version of Grisoft AVG (avg75iswt_503a1171.exe).
    I uninstalled it using Control Panel (which fired up the AVG deinstallation), rebooted and tried to install the FREE version (avg70free_289a392.exe).

    The installation failed with the message "<font color=red>Action failed for file avg7dos.lng</font color=red>".
    Several registry cleans (ToniArts EasyCleaner) and reboots later no go.

    So I renamed the folder "C:Program FilesGrisoft" to be "C:Program FilesOLDGrisoft" and tried again.

    My guess is that the AVG7.7 deinstallation doesn't do a good job of removing AVFG7.0.

    <font color=blue>Manually renaming/deleting the C:Program Filesapplication folder might be a general resolution of many installation problems.</font color=blue>
    In a week's time I will delete the folder "C:Program FilesOLDGrisoft".

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    Re: Grisoft AVG7+

    Anti-Virus programs are a bit like viruses: easy to get, difficult to get rid of. <img src=/S/evilgrin.gif border=0 alt=evilgrin width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Grisoft AVG7+

    Hi Chris,

    Good to hear that you got it working.

    But I'm curious, since as most of us know, many times an uninstall program can leave some folders and files, especially if a user has added files to a folder after installation (could be as simple as log files generated by scans or even clicking on a folder to view content and, depending on view, generating a Thumbs.db file). So sometimes folders and files could be left.

    Wouldn't it be the first step to remove anything (if obvious as a program folder etc.) after uninstall and reboot, before trying a new install? I often reboot a second time after the eventual file & folder cleaning (after the uninstall and first reboot), then install the new version of the program.

    Haven't had to do a registry cleaning for programs in a long time.

    Though, there can sometimes be problems when going from a full version/trial version to a free version.

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