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    Outlook Message Attachments (Outlook 2007, Windows XP)

    I have a new Dell box with Windows XP installed and Outllook 2007 (Office 2007) also installed. When I try to open any attachement (pdf, word, excel, etc.) I receive an error message that states: "The operation failed. An object could not be found". My outlook is set up to work with Outlook Connector for MDaemon. My old machine was set up the exactly the same and this error message did not appear. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


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    Re: Outlook Message Attachments (Outlook 2007, Win

    Does Outlook successfully copy the attachment to the temp folder? This is a folder inside the "Temporary Internet Files" folder whose name starts with OLK (and then generally has one or more additional characters). It can be difficult to track down the name of the folder if you can't open any attachments, but if you use the command window (Start>Run>cmd) and use dir with some of its optional switches you should be able to track it down.

    If Outlook did not create the attachment file, perhaps there is a communication problem with the server, or a problem with privileges on the temp folder. Can you save the attachment to the desktop first and access it from there?

    If Outlook did create the attachment file there and the application can't open it, there might be a problem with the command strings for the Open action for the relevant file types.

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    Re: Outlook Message Attachments (Outlook 2007, Windows XP)

    Make sure that your Antivirus application has been set to recognize and operate with Outlook. Disable it's features -temporarily- to see if it is causing the problem.
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