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    Versions of Office 2007 (2007)

    We want to buy my wife a new laptop, and we're thinking of Dell. We also want Office to go with it. She can get OEM versions of the Home and Student version (she previously used the Office XP student and teacher version, quite legitimately - she is a part time tutor for several universities). She could also get the Small business edition, or Basic, or Professional. BUT Home and Student doesn't have Outlook which she definitely needs. Basic doesn't have PowerPoint, which she also needs. She could go for SBE or Pro, but they each have features she doesn't need and cost a fair bit more.

    Now it appears that here we could buy "Microsoft Education Office 2007 CD" for 109.97 which is quite a lot less than Dell would charge for OEM editions of SBE or Pro. However I am not sure if she is entitled to have this edition. I emailed this vendor and their reply was that it is only for establishments such as Schools, Colleges and Universities. But they are selling it, and presumably I could buy it. Can we legitimately buy it and install it? Would there be any problems with that?

    (I tried to find out more from MS's sites. At it appears that in the US staff of educational institutions can buy it as qualified Educational users, but for some reason that only seems to apply in the US. (Seems a little unfair.) When we refer to our regional site (we are in the UK) it seems that the same Educational deal doesn't apply in the UK. She doesn't qualify for the really cheap Ultimate Steal deal because although she has a valid email address, she is staff not a student.)

    So, at the end of all this explanation, my question is, is there really any real reason why we should not buy and install that "Microsoft Education Office 2007 CD" for 109.97. It seems to offer the features she needs, at a price she can afford. But would it work and is it legal?

    Ian (confused of Bristol)

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    Re: Versions of Office 2007 (2007)

    Hi Ian,

    I'm in Australia so perhaps my experience is not directly relevant to you in the UK.

    But I recently purchased a copy of Office titled Academic here and the retailer simply wanted a verbal assurance from me that the product would not be used for commercial purposes.

    I gave that assurance. I'm not using it for commercial, academic or education purposes.

    It installed and was activated without difficulty.

    The price was AUD255 versus AUD759 for the standard edition.


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