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    Error Menu (XP Sp2)

    Lately when I take a CD or DVD out of the tray, an error menu pops up telling me the tray is empty and gives me 3 choices: (1) Cancel, (2) Try Again, or (3) Continue. At the top of the menu is: "CorelIOMonitor.exe." I have looked through the Add or Remove Programs but I find nothing that hints at this program. I have gone through my Corel programs but still no help. Any suggestions how to stop this aggravating menu?


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    Re: Error Menu (XP Sp2)

    The information here is for Vista, but you might try searching for the article in the Corel Knowledge Base. HTH

    [i]Go to control palel - perfomance information and tools - manage startup programs, and disable coreliomonitor. exe. This may cause their photo organizer not to work correctly, and you can leave it enabled in startup programs and just terminate the process in Task Manager when you are using discs. Corel's knowledge base has an article on the coreliomonitor. exe problem.
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