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    Bulging .pst files (2003)

    I have a large and complex filing system for my emails, and used to keep them all in the personal folders area, so everything would save to 'outlook.pst'. This file got very large - over 3GB - so when the programme prompted me to archive old emails I did so, meaning that all but the most recent were saved to another file, 'archive1.pst'. The archive folder is now well over 2GB, but the outlook.pst file has scarcely shrunk, and is still more than 3GB. I used to think 3GB was a problem (laptop hard disk very full), but now my emails take up 5GB! What am I doing wrong? And how can I get the outlook.pst file to slim down now all those emails have been disgorged into the other? Thanks.

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    Re: Bulging .pst files (2003)

    Right-click the top folder of your .pst file (probably called Personal Folders) and select Properties from the popup menu.
    Click Advanced...
    Then click Compact Now.
    If that doesn't help (enough), you could create a new .pst file and copy everything you need to it, then set the new file as your delivery location, and keep the old one as backup only.

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