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    Count number of 'Y's (2003)

    I am not sure this can be done in a query. I have a query with an indicator fields. I have 7 indicator fields. I would like to create a field that counts the Indicator if it equals Y. What I want is a total count of Ys going across. The new field would be "Total Product Count".

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    Re: Count number of 'Y's (2003)

    You can create a calculated field:
    CountY: Abs((Nz([F1],"")="Y")+(Nz([F2],"")="Y")+(Nz([F3],"")="Y")+(Nz([F4],"")="Y")+(Nz([F5],"")="Y")+(Nz([F6],"")="Y")+(Nz([F7],"")="Y"))
    where F1 to F7 are the names of the indicator fields.

    <img src=/S/whisper.gif border=0 alt=whisper width=29 height=17> It would have been better to create a separate table in which each a record is added for each indicator that is true.

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