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    Task reminders not showing up (Outlook 2003)

    I have several users who are complaining that their Task reminders are not showing up in Outlook. I haven't asked whether the problem spills over into Appointment reminders as well (assuming that it would). If the users check their email from Outlook Web Access, all reminders will pop up there with no problem, including reminders for Tasks that were due WAY back when. Any ideas what I might check to resolve this or just a good way to go about troubleshooting the problem?

    Thanks - Sat.

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    Re: Task reminders not showing up (Outlook 2003)

    They could try this:
    - Make sure that Outlook is not active.
    - Select Start | Run...
    - Type <code>outlook /cleanreminders</code> and press Enter.
    - This will clean and regenerate all reminders.

    If just outlook is not recognized, they will have to enter the full path. See Command-line switches - Outlook.

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