Screenshot deleted by HansV - it was over 1000 pixels wide

I love Google Earth. yesterday I noticed that the display of altitude is missing.
Used to be that the status bar reported, in a position just right of centre, the altitude of the terrain immediately under the mouse; if i dragged the earth, the altitude would report the swells and dips in the terrain as the earth rotated under the mouse position.

Now the display shows only the eye altitude.

I find nothing in the Options that permits me to toggle the Altitude display.
I have searched the Google Earth online help to no avail.

I have re-installed from Google_Earth_BZXD.exe
I have waited for "Streamed 100%"
I have explored the "layers" sidebar, in case they put an option in there.

Anyone else noticed that "Altitude" is misisng.
P.S. I have "Eye Alt", sitting in the correct place, extreme RHS of the status bar.

I found this tip which answered my question.