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    frmFindVisit (2007)

    Please help,
    1. When I add a record to "Patients" table I want SocSecNo, lname, and fname to be added to "Visits" table,
    2. I want to open frmFindVisit" form, load a SocSecNo, make changes and save a record with new changes as well as keeping the existing record as is.
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    Re: frmFindVisit (2007)

    Add a Visits subform to the patients Form, linked by p_socsecno. When you add the Date of the visit to the subform, the Visit record will be created, and the SocSecNo added automatically. The Visits table should not contain fields for lname and fname as they come from the Patients table.

    When you use the form to find a patient it shows you the last visit for that patient. If you change the record then record is changed. If you want to add a new record then don't edit the existing one.

    If you have a Visits subform as a continuous form on a patients form, then it would show all existing visits. You could add a visit to the subform without changing any existing records.

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