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    Microsoft Word Mail Merge (11.8026.8036 SP2)

    I am merging a letter w/ an Access query. Within my letter I want to remind donors of past year donations. However, when the merge is complete for those who donated multiple years it is reflected via multiple letters instead of listing on same letter such as the attachment. Where do I begin to look for the problem?
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    Re: Microsoft Word Mail Merge (11.8026.8036 SP2)

    A conventional mail merge getting data from a query, creates a separate copy of the letter for each record in the query. If your query includes information on both the donor and the donations, then the query has a separate record for each donation, and so your run in to the problem you describe.

    You need to approach the problem a different way. The easiest by far is to create your letters as an Access report, with a report header for Donor. The drawback is that you are limited to the formatting available for reports.

    The alternative is to use Word automation and word bookmarks. This method involves some pretty heavy vba code, creating recordsets based on two queries, one for donors and one for donations, then pulling data from the two different recordsets and placing it into the one letter.

    If you do a search for "mailmerge bookmarks" you should find some sample code. Post back if you want to explore that option and want more help.

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    Re: Microsoft Word Mail Merge (11.8026.8036 SP2)

    You can use the method described in How to use mail merge to create a list sorted by category in Word. Read carefully - you need to get the details right to make it succeed.

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