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    User must supply password before close excel... (Excel 97)

    Hello again..this just a thought but with all the expert here.
    i think this is not impossible..

    let say i have a wb named "abc.xls" for user to key in data..
    after finished the work..maybe they want to save the wb
    or closed the wb and save it....
    is it possible...before they try to save or close(also save it)
    the wb.. an input box will prompt for them to supply the correct
    password ..let say "123"..they will have 3 times to supply the
    correct password..if they failed..the wb will be closed automatically and all their work will not be saved..

    Thanks and thanks again..i think this method can prevent
    people from using unauthorised other word..stealing
    other people works and claimed it for themself..many thanks

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    Re: User must supply password before close excel... (Excel 97)

    Is there a particular reason you want to make the user enter the password before saving the workbook rather than when he opens the workbook? That sounds like it will mean the users will spend time entering data only to discover when he is done that he doesn't know or remember the password. Wouldn't it be better to ask for the password when he opens the workbook? If you can do that, then just do a File/Save As on the workbook and click on the Options button in the Save As dialog box. That will allow you to specify a password that must be used to open the workbook.

    If you must do this at save time, then you will have to use the Workbook BeforeSave event to program your own password using a user form.
    Legare Coleman

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