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    Delivery Point Bar Code Issues (2003)

    Good morning!

    I am having problems applying a delivery point bar code to my labels. I import the information from a spreadsheet and create labels using the mail merge tools. Once I finalize the labels I view them all and go to Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels. I check the delivery point bar code box and nothing happens. If I click "New Document" in the Envelopes and Labels box it creates a new document WITH the bar code (finally) but the addresses are all the same!

    What can I do to create labels with the bar codes and still have every address be different?


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    Re: Delivery Point Bar Code Issues (2003)

    I did this many years ago, using the BARCODE field code. In order for the BARCODE field to calculate correctly, you need to merge (a duplicate copy of) the zip code information into it. Unfortunately, I can't recall the details beyond that. This article about the BARCODE field might help get you started:

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