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    Error using Word from 3rd party appl. (Office2000

    I have a 3rd party application that supports exporting data as the data file for a mail-merge process. In the 3rd party application, we have a data template in which we identify the data fields to export, define the data file to be written as a MSWord file, show the path to the MSWord executable, show the path to the MSWord document (mail-merge master) to be opened, and show the path to the MSWord data document (mail-merge data source).

    When we do a File/Export to the data template, everything works fine if the target application (MSWord) is not active/open.

    However, when we attempt an export to Word while MSWord is already active, we get the following error (and the process dies):

    Unable to create output data file.

    The error is generated by the 3rd party application. Their response to my queries about this error is "Word should be closed when you do an Export."

    My question to you folks is:
    Do you think I might be able to do something like, Use a command line option in the template path defined for MSWord, to prevent this error? In my mind, a call to Word should work whether Word is already open or not. I have no idea what kind of Return Code (or whatever) they are getting when Word is already open to cause this error that, in turn, kills the export process. Any ideas or comments welcomed.

    Additional data: The output data file (the MSWord mail-merge data source file) is always 'pre-existing' in the sense that it is an existing file that contains the data from the last file exported; the process does not create it new each time and delete it when done. (This makes the actual error message suspect because it refers to creating the output data file.) The error is returned only because MSWord is active... not because either (or both) of the target documents (mail-merge master or data source) is open. Typically they are not open as I will have been using Word for other purposes/documents. Once a template is set up with the data elements and paths described in the first paragraph, it is seldom changed (i.e., it is not normal to change the template to show a different mail-merge document or data source). Other templates are used to point to other mail-merge documents.


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    Re: Error using Word from 3rd party appl. (Office2000

    Since we don't know how the 3rd party application is programmed (and I suppose they won't be willing to tell you or me), I don't think you can do anything about it. If the developer says that Word should be closed while running the export, you should heed that.

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