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This sounds like a Good Thing, and I am keen to experiment.
From time to time I think about dropping a bit of $$$ on the table in case that would make a difference. Others feel the same way. But for whatever reason, we don't.
Following the dictum "Management Measures" I assume that You-Who-Keep-Our-Lifeblood-Flowing have tossed around a few ideas for reducing what may be un-necessary load on the system, and come up with a few ideas, of which this is one.
If this works, let's try another method.
And if this doesn't work, let's try another method.

In general I hate rules & regulations, bans based on exceptional circumstances etc, but reducing a mailing list, no matter what form it takes, by eliminating the most likely deadwood sounds like an excellent ploy.

(Here it is, 4 a.m. and already I'm in The Lounge. Don't talk to me about a Daily Fix!)