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    Security center

    Every time I start my home PC, the security center is off. I have to enable it in the administrative tools,even though I set it for automatic on start up it doesn't happen. The only major addition I performed recently was downloading spybot s&d. I am a novice in computer savy, so layman's terms would be appreciated. I run windows XP with the service pack. Thanks

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    Re: Security center

    Some security programmes automatically turn off the Windows Security Centre as they perform the same function that it does. Thus it prevents you from getting possible conflicting reports. Norton Internet Security is one of them - I know, I have NIS loaded and it automatically turns the SC off by a registry change - (There is an option to have SC on at the same time if I want it, but I don't bother) - I'm sure the more knowledgeable amongst lounge members will advise you on other security products that do the same - or perhaps give you other explanations. I'm not aware that Spybot S & D turns SC off, as if you run a scan and it finds SC off it will flag that up as a security risk.

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