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    Access 97 locks SQL Server (Access 97)

    SQL Sercer locks up with an odbs error. Up to 8 users are adding records into the same SQL Server table.

    Does Access 97 lock pages in linked SQL Server tables.

    We have determined that it's not Access 97 causing the pronblem, but a couple of pcs have got Access 2003 no SP installed, which seem to be causing the problem.

    If so what is the workaround.

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    Re: Access 97 locks SQL Server (Access 97)

    Without knowing what the error is, I;m guessing when you say the table in SQL Server is "locked" that means updates or adds don't get committed? I had an issue like this in an Access/SQL Server linked table setup and the resolution was to add a column in SQL Server with datestamp as the column type. This apparently helps SQL Server work with external systems making changes to it's tables.

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