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    Master Documents - sub documents & section breaks (2003 sp2)

    Dear Loungers,

    When creating a master document and then including documents as sub-documents Word adds a continuous section break in the master document before the sub document and a next page section break at the ned of and in the sub-document. The continuous breaks don't really affect me but the next page ones are not what I want. However, have years ago fought with master documents, I am nervous of removing the break because of the default page break (the hidden one) - and it's a nuisance since I have to open more than 100 documents to edit them. So my questions I have are this:

    a) does anyone have experience of removing this next page break section break and did it cause any problems with the document(s)?
    can I stop the behaviour and have Word leave the sub-document alone?

    Before you ask... in this case I have to use sub-documents although I would normally aviod them like the plague!
    Also I do alreday only edit sub-documents in the sub-document itself and NOT from the master.

    thanks..... liz

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    Re: Master Documents - sub documents & section breaks (2003 sp2)

    I created a simple master document with some subdocuments, then deleted the next-page section break from each of the subdocuments. These breaks didn't return after repeated editing of the subdocuments, but Word consistently changed the continuous section break before the last subdocument to a next-page section break when I expanded the subdocuments in the master document. I don't think you can avoid that.

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