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    Calendar (Access 2003)

    I know this probably belongs in the Word or Outlook section but I know how versatile the Access gurus are and thought if anyone their mutidiscipline thought process would serve well. I have an old word dot document that will take an outlook calendar and turn it into a very nice word document that can be worked with. I am not sure what blog or where I picked it up but the originator no longer is at the address in the code. Over the years it has saved me tons of work in producing local printable and updatable electronic calendars for different sections within my organization. Normally I ask the section to export me, in access, the calendar and month they want. I import it into an Outlook Calendar ,then when the macros of the Word Doc asks, I direct it to the calendar and month I will want to produce. At that point I have a nice formatted document that can be updated by just typing to it.

    However it is getting old and I think that it might could use a face lift. So if any one is interested in this product and is willing to look at the coding and see if it can be tweaked, plus share the results. I will be happy to post it.

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    Re: Calendar (Access 2003)

    > However it is getting old and I think that it might could use a face lift.

    That is rather vague and broad. Are there specific aspects that you would like to be modified or enhanced?

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