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Thread: HP Scanjet 5590

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    HP Scanjet 5590

    I am researching an issue where the scanner does its thing, but rather than defaulting to the PDF file type that they have set up or the default file save location that they have set up via the scan button, when the client hits scan it automatically defaults to another format and location. Hardware is an HP Scanjet 5590

    I remotely looked over the client's shoulder and saw she was using the HP Solution Center to set up the buttons to default to the PDF file format for saving and a networked drive path for the default location but when she actually uses one of the buttons to scan those settings are not saved in the menus that pop up post scan and she has to reset the file type and file save location each scan.

    Does anyone know where these settings need to be saved if not in the HP Solution Center?


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    Re: HP Scanjet 5590

    I'm pretty certain we have a 5590 (or very similar) at work. I'm also pretty certain there was an issue we had when first installed to do with permissions - i.e. it worked OK for an administrator but not for an ordinary user on the same PC.

    Are the settings remembered whe used by a user with administrative rights?

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