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    AVOIDING an outlook install (XP SP2. Office 03)

    The system slow down and general poor performance tells me it's that time of the year, I'm going to do a reformat. After all these years, I've learnt heaps from you guys about the basics. I think the most straight forward, yet most effective way I know to get rid of all the hidden crap slowing down the system, is a reformat.
    My question is this:
    How to I STOP outlook and/or outlook express installing? I hate it. I tried email using outlook once (when I finally went to broadband) in I don't know how many years & it seems to be the greatest spam magnet around. I've gone back to using an web based email and have far less problems with spam, which is effectively filtered anyway.
    I'm sure I've "unticked" the outlook tick boxes during the Windows/Office installation process in the past - but the mongrel always seems to turn up.
    I'm happy with XP SP2, Office 2003, IE6 etc - I just don't want outlook.
    Am I missing something?

    Thanks yet again Woodys'

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    Re: AVOIDING an outlook install (XP SP2. Office 03)

    Make sure that you select the custom installation option when you install Office 2003. You should be able to select which Office applications you want to install.
    If Outlook does get installed after all, you can simply leave it (but not use it), or uninstall it using the Add or Remove Programs control panel - select Microsoft Office 2003 and click Change.

    Outlook Express will probably be installed by default with Windows. You can also leave it (but not use it), or you can uninstall it in the Add/Remove Windows Components section of the Add or Remove Programs control panel.

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