I have a desktop and laptop networked together. The hard disks on both are partitioned and I keep data and programmes apart to suit my own backup strategy.

I recently changed the drive letter (and name) of a drive on the laptop to align with one on the desktop. The drive holds only data. This allows me to copy some data files between the two PCs and continue to work properly. Everything has been working perfectly - I use a batch file to set up drive mappings between the two PCs to remove any ambiguity when working between the two.

What I have noticed is that on the laptop with the changed drive letter one or two programmes refuse to install cleanly (Java and U-Lead), complaining about an invalid drive. If I temporarily change the letter back they install. After installation, then I can change the drive letter to the one I want and all is well.....

Can anyone tell me what is going on.

Windows XP home SP2.


Mike C