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    MBKP file (office 2000 pro/winXP SP2)

    hello one and all!

    here's yet another question concerning outlook 2000/2007. for my last one, i asked how to backup the files to save them from loss during a switchover from outlook/office 2000 pro to outlook/office 2007pro. i was told to look for a .pst file, put it someplace else, rename it, then save it (or vice versa). i searched for the .pst file, and found lots of them, mostly from prior savings due to uninstallation and/or installation of office 2000 pro, mostly from when i switched from win2000pro to xp. i did a search for the .pst file, and found something strange. interspersed with the .pst files, i found a lot of outlook.pst.mbkp files. these files matched in size the .pst files. what are they?

    i recently bought a pair of 500 gb western digital external hard drives (they were out of the 1 terabyte drives. i only have one of the drives installed currently; the other is going to be for laptop backup.) they came with a bunch of software from a company called memeo. i installed the software to see if it would suit me; it doesn't. i'm wondering if that had anything to do with the different file name.

    so my question is this: do i simply save the .pst files and ignore the .mbkp files, or do i copy and rename them, too? if both, could you please tell me how? if there's anything else that i should know about this, please feel free to tell me. i just want to get this all taken care of so that i don't have to deal with two different versions of the same program. it's bad enough to deal with two different operating systems (xp vs. vista); two different versions of software is maddening.

    thanks for your help. looking forward to seeing what the collective minds of the lounge come up with. until then, take care and God bless.


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    Re: MBKP file (office 2000 pro/winXP SP2)

    A quick Google search indicates that the .mbkp files are indeed created by Memeo (memeo backup), so each .pst.mbkp file will be a duplicate (backup copy) of the corresponding .pst file. So in fact, you do already have backup files for the .pst files, but if you want to create new backups, you only need to backup the .pst files, not the .mbkp files.

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