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    Styles being lost from Word 2007 when saved as Wor (2007)

    We are loosing pre-set styles from our Word 2007 documents when they are saved as Word 2003. Due to our major client using 2003 and they will not load the addin to handle compatability documents we have to save them in 2003 format. Has anyone seen this happen or have any idea how to work around this. We have 4 styles for letter numbering and the third and fourth style revert to the wrong format when the document is saved.

    I have created a 2003 template and placed this into the 2007 template directory with the styles in but it does not appear to use this template when it saves.

    This is getting to be a major for us.


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    Re: Styles being lost from Word 2007 when saved as

    Are the styles being removed from the document or are the style definitions being corrupted? I wouldn't expect the styles to be disappearing so it is more likely that the style definitions are being modified - especially if the affected styles are using list numbering - since this is not fully controlled by the style definition.

    If this is solely a problem with automatic numbered list elements only then you will need to use macros to reset the style definitions.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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