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    Accessing a Query (Access 97)

    I am writing code to run pull out information that i need from various files. Somewhere with in this code, I need to figure out a way to run a query that I have set up. Does anyone know how to access or run a query with in code? Please Help!!!!
    - The following is the code I am already using, basically, it pulls information from a file and updates a table, then when I am done with the info in the table, it clears the table. In between filling the table and clearing the table is when I need to access or run the query- Thanks in advance

    Function Run_Query()

    Dim f As String

    f = Dir("C:WinntProfilesacarrierDesktopTesting Database*" & "*_trk.csv")

    Do While f <> ""
    DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "00000001 Link Specification", "Target_Information", "C:WinntprofilesacarrierDesktopTesting Database" & f

    Dim db As Database
    On Error Resume Next
    Set db = CurrentDb

    db.Execute "DELETE * FROM Target_Information;"

    f = Dir

    End Function

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    Re: Accessing a Query (Access 97)

    DoCmd.OpenQuery should do what you need. You can check out the syntax required for your particular needs in the help files.
    Hope that helps.

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