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    Net Send support of KVM switch (xp )

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by chrisgreaves on 11-Feb-08 09:20. typos)</P>I recently discovered the Net Send command.
    I have three computers, two of them (Big Beige Box and Lap Top) sharing a common monitor via a KVM switch.
    I start a job running on the BBB and carry on with R&D on the LapTop, but keep switching back and forth (Scroll, scroll, up-arrow; nope, not finished yet. Scroll, scroll, up-arrow) to check the status.

    Here (attached) is a simple example of a batch defragmentation job on the BBB that issues a message to me on the laptop when the batch job is finished. The job might as easily be batch conversion of 20,000 documents. The job runs on the BBB (in my background) and issues a popup to me on the Laptop when the BBB job is completed.

    Search this forum for "net send" (entire phrase).
    Or read the page You may need to Enable and Start the service.
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