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    Folder comparison install without admin priv's

    Does anyone know of any folder comparison software that will install without admin privileges, or can be run from a pen drive? I use foldermatch to keep my machines in sync, but can't use it at work.

    I need folder comparison +/- sync - not just sync. MS's own sync toy requires the .NET framework, which is not a part of the work setup, so that's out. I've had a look at the open source alternatives linked from the wikipedia folder comparison software page, but none of them seem to work on windows without admin privileges.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Folder comparison install without admin priv's

    I have a copy of SynchronX that is a very simple folder comparison tool. No idea if it will run from a USB stick or if it needs Admin priviledges though. It dates from Win98 days but runs happily under Win 2000.

    Even though it's listed as a 'retired product' on the developers website there doesn't seem to be a direct download link to it from there. You can get at via Wikipedia:


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