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    Reply address is wrong (Outlook 2003 )

    On my computer at home I use Outlook 2003 - no Exchange Server.
    I had to switch email addresses since Comcast took over Time Warner in Houston. When I send an email it shows my new comcast address. However, when the receiver clicks reply, the old address shows up in the to: textbox. I can change the reply to address for an individual email but have not found the settings for all emails. I am getting some very irritated replies from people when they finally figure out what is going on.
    Is there a setting for all e-mails? Also, why does this happen? I had no trouble switching from an swbell account to time warner 4 years ago?

    Help!! Please!

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    Re: Reply address is wrong (Outlook 2003 )

    There could be a couple of reasons.

    Under Tools | Email Accounts | View or change existing email accounts | Change, does your correct email address show up in in the User Information Section, and then when you click More Settings | General tab , does the new address show correctly in "Reply email"?

    What email clients are your recipients using - Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, Other? It's possible with Outlook that they need to delete the autocomplete/nickname which offers your old address - see <post#=610890>post 610890</post#>.
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