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    Auto Format Capital Letters (XP)

    When I type sentences Word automatically capitalizes the first letter of the sentence. The exception is when a digit is at the end of the previous sentence.
    This is number 1.
    It seems the digit stops the auto format from capitalizing the first word of the next sentence.
    Is there a way to set one of the auto format options to capitalize the first letter of the sentence even if the previous sentence is ended with a digit?

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    Re: Auto Format Capital Letters (XP)

    No, there isn't. In Word 97 and before, Word would capitalize the first word after a number followed by a period, but people complained that this wreaked havok with numbered lists, so it was changed in Word 2000. The "official" stance is that you shouldn't end a sentence with a number - either rearrange the sentence or spell the number:

    This is number one.

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