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    If Statement (Excel 2003)

    I need some help with an IF statement.

    I need, in Column C, if possible, an addition to my formula, that would increase by 1 day if the result turned out to be a holiday or Sunday. Is this something that I need to break apart into smaller formulas? I have a list of holidays (3 total) on the list tab.
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    Re: If Statement (Excel 2003)

    I don't understand the purpose of columns A, B and C, but if you want to create a list of working days in 2008 (i.e. exclude weekend days and holidays):
    - Enter 12/31/2007 in a cell, I'll use D1 as example. You can make the font color white if you want to hide this date.
    - Enter the following formula in the cell below (D2 in the example):


    - Fill down as far as needed.

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