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    Tab-Strip or MultiPage (Word 2003)

    Hi again. I'd like to ask for input on a task at hand.

    Specifically, I'm designing a userform that functions almost as a menu or dialog box for a multi-step process. What I had envisioned was a multi-page form with the various "phases" of the process being access via different tabs on the same form; sort of a "one-stop-shopping" approach. Here's the "catch": there is a subset of elements (a pick-list of files and related controls) that I would like to always appear on the page regardless of what tab was selected, and I'd obviously like to do that without having to paste multiple copies of the same controls on each page. I pondered the use of a tab-strip control instead, but most of the elements on each page would indeed be different from the other pages.

    Is there a way to have the pick-list (and the associated options) appear as though it's on each page when in fact it doesn't belong to any particular page, i.e. is "in the background"?

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    Re: Tab-Strip or MultiPage (Word 2003)

    The multipage control doesn't need to fill the entire userform. You could put the "fixed" controls below the multipage control.

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