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    Filter by form (2003)

    I have a form that I am using Filter by Form. I would like the drop down lists to be populated instead of saying Null and Not Null. I noticed on another form where I do this that the dropdown lists are populated. When I look at the table behind the form, I have the fields indexed. This form has a query behind it instead of a table. I tried to index the fields in the table that is in the query but it doesn't change the field in the form so that the dropdown list is populated. Is there a way to populate the dropdown lists in a filter by form when the form data source is a query instead of a table?

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    Re: Filter by form (2003)

    There's a setting in the Edit/Find tab of Tools | Options...: "Don't display list where more than this number of records read". If the number of items in the list is larger than the number specified there, Filter by Form will only display Null and Not Null. You could increase the value of the option.

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